A self-portrait from late 2009/early 2010. I was very taken with Richter at the time and laboured under the entirely unrealistic - mad - illusion that with enough care I could make the both act of transcribing exactly a very lo-res mobile phone image and its hoped for exquisite outcome the joint subjects of a Richter style piece of work. The whole exercise took about a month and involved 8 A4 size pieces of paper squared up in 3x2 ratio. I printed the image out at exactly that size on 8 pieces of paper and laboriously transcribed it. It did me good. It made me realise that I would never in a million years be a Richter but that nonetheless something interesting was going on. The something had to do with cultivating patience and a certain decisiveness and with learning about colour too (and with my naive inability to see the dissonance between my ambition and the creaky Heath Robinson apparatus with which I tried to realise it. At first I saw the lines and the evident separateness of the component pieces of paper, the awkward trail of facture, as signs of weakness. Now I see it as neither defence nor failing but something to enjoy). I went on to waste time for a couple of months trying to repeat my lucky break, creating ever more dull and lifeless pieces.