One Monday morning the student leading the session demanded "a drawing a minute of things beginning with every letter of the alphabet in turn" - 26 drawings in 26 minutes. This represented a kind of nemesis for me, demanding as it did drawing - in both senses - from memory and imagination, but I had been drawing from life now for some months and I certainly wasn't going to bottle it in front of all three years of the students. Notice the ear-less elephant and the six-legged crab. In some images, though, there was the beginning of an attempt to hold up to view an object inside my head and thence sketch it - the rapidity was actually a factor in my favour, as any sort of finish was out of the question. In others what was demanded was a kind of conceptualist cheek and in yet others a kind of rapid hitting upon the correct conventional "sign", the stuff of panel and parlour games. This horses for courses solution to my initial panic was a small epiphany.
I posted the whole set to Flickr. I saw these then as intermediate objects, in line with the conceptualists' semi-documentary use of the photograph ( and there is still the 'conceptual/performative defence' - "Whoa! Look at me! What a klutz! - But I'm performing that klutziness here for you and that performance is what here constitutes the art". If I ever displayed these things offline it would be as photos, though the idea that I could and might share drawings on the network sprang some roots here.

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