Nonetheless drawing haunted me. In 2004, as a kind of provocation, I launched an on-line self-portraiture project and solicited contributions particularly from the "net-art community". With hindsight I think it was more therapy than art intervention but I was genuinely irritated by a streak of messianism and isolationism in the net-art world - the desire to remain slightly larger than tiny fish in a very small pond, coupled with a hugely prescriptive, ring-fenced from art history, approach to what constituted "digital art" or whatever it was called that week. My spleen a little vented, as time passed, I broadened the project's address, so, apart from professional artists, it now includes retired lorry drivers, writers, computer programmers, musicians and school students. I'd made the drawing opposite, which became my contribution, a few months earlier as a challenge to myself, for the titles of a short film I'd directed and scored. This fuelled my self-righteousness about leading from the front. I did and do feel that an artist of any worth should be able to make something of some interest (I'm keeping the bar deliberately low) with the tools to hand or with a severely constrained set of tools.

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